Monday, February 11, 2013


I thought this would be a good place to start for new parents, because there is always a "trial and error" period...emphasis on the latter when searching for the right diaper for your baby. This is also a sensitive subject, because let's face it this is not the most enjoyable thing you will do with your baby, but it will become 'bonding' time for you and your child. Nothing says L-O-V-E to your baby than a clean diaper.

When trying diapers the important thing to consider is the 'fit'. To insure the proper fit know your baby's weight. In the first year of your baby's life you will see your pediatrician once a month, so take note of your baby's weight. When you are in the diaper isle with a "dumbfounded" expression from all the varieties you have to choose from, take note of the number or letter located on the front of the box. These numbers are associated with your baby's weight. If you see a letter it will either be a 'P' for Preemie, or a 'N' for Newborn. The numbers on the box are matched to a specific weight ranges.

Now that I'm down to only changing diapers on my third daughter Olivia, I've become quite the "Pro". It seems I can change a diaper very quickly, and sometimes in situations not always conducive to changing diapers.  You will come that you gravitate towards a specific diaper brand, for reason specific to your needs and the needs of your child, but I've prefer Pampers...they just work for me.  Though I've used Pampers on all my girls as they've grown up, I switched to Huggies Pull-Ups when my girls reached the potty training stage.

After you find the right diaper for your child the next thing you want to work on is speed.  This seems to come naturally to most mothers, and can be mastered by fathers too...I'm living proof of that.  I shutter when watching the YouTube videos of the father with goggles, glove, and tongs to change their babies diapers while almost vomiting...they aren't doing Dad's around the word any favors with their antics.  Speed is a must in my opinion because you never know when your child is done "reliving" themselves, I have been pooped and pee'd on a few times by my daughters.  I thought that because I have all girls that I didn't have to worry about the "pee fountain" that baby boys boys can sometimes simulate, but quite the contrary...girls can have a good amount of pressure behind their urine...changer beware.  So, clean them up and get the diaper on quickly to avoid any unexpected and untimely fluid releases.

Most people learn early on when changing diapers with their new baby what diapers work, and the ones that do not.  Find that perfect fit for you and your child, and save your child from agony of diaper rash, and all the irritation that a dirty diaper can bring by staying on top of the "diaper changes".

Share your diapers stories, I would love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. These tend to run bigger than othes so if you're not ready to move up to the next size they help. I've had a few leakage issues though but that wouldn't deter me from giving this five stars. They move well too, when they get wet they don't become overly bulky.