Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changing Diapers

This probably sounds like the last thing you want to do when dealing with your new baby, but this simple act can form a lasting and strong relationship with your child. You will find that your newborns stool will not smell as bad if your baby is breast fed, but if your baby is on formula prepare yourself for a unique olfactory experience. Your baby's body can tell the difference, and the difference can be overwhelming (as they say "mothers milk is best). Once you get past the smell the reward is the bond you are forming with your baby...nothing says love like a clean diaper. We've all seen the clips on AFV (Americas Funniest Videos), or YouTube of the father dressed like he's dealing with toxic waste, but if you work through it you won't give it a second thought later. The more you change the diapers the more proficient you will become at it, and you will see that you will have that diaper off and on in no time flat.

You will find that in the beginning speed is the key. If you have a boy or girl you will need to gain the talent of a NASCAR pit crew to get the diaper on and off without getting sprayed by the occasional release off urine that seems to come from nowhere, and with the accuracy of a military sniper. Not to worry though, if you are going to get urinated on who better than a newborn that only drinks breast milk or formula.

We do many things in our day to day life that make us 'get down an dirty' (getting greased up working on cars, working in our yard, picking up after our pets, cleaning a bathroom), when compared to those things, changing a diaper is a breeze! Enjoy these things now, because that sweet little baby will be a teenager before you know it and you will be lucky if you sit down to eat dinner together later.

Stay tuned for my future post that will help you choose the right diaper for your 'little bundle of joy'.

Keep the faith!

Brian Curtis

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